Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bite Your Tongue Before Interrupting

Listening to customers is important because it builds trust and lets the customer feel heard and understood. It is important to fully listen to the customer before making assumptions, asking more questions, or finishing their thoughts. Being a good listening can build stronger customer relationships and overall increase the likelihood of customer return and referral.

One of the most important aspects of listening is not interrupting. Sometimes when dealing with customers we want to hurry them along by finishing their sentences or stopping them to explain something. This can cause negative reactions with the customer and damage the conversation. It is important to let the customer finish speaking before jumping in and taking over the conversation. If a customer feels like they are not heard or understood they may choose to go to a different business where they can speak without getting interrupted. I personally need to work on my listening skills and allow people to finish speaking before completing their sentences. By being aware of my listening habits I can better assist customers.

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