Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Creating A-Plus Value

I am opening up an eclectic fresh lunch and dinner spot in Sandy, Utah. The restaurant will feature a rotating menu based on the seasons, and have classic dining options such as burgers and salads, but also offer some unique specials like a brie and Bartlett pear grilled cheese. The first way I am going to exceed customer expectations is in A-Plus packaging. Am I going to serve the food in packages? No, but I will focus on plate presentation. Every dish will be masterly plated with dripping sauces, garnishes, and a high class appearance. This will help customers feel special and want to return just for the eye pleasing food, as well as the taste! The second thing I am going to focus on is A-plus value for my employees. I know happy employees create a happy environment. If I keep my employees happy and cheerful they will continue to bring happiness to the customers. I want people to return to my restaurant because of the wonderful service. Focusing on A-plus value with add-on's will be my third priority. On weekdays before 6pm, I will be offering free dessert with any entrĂ©e purchased.  I will also offer a late night menu from 8pm to midnight that has buy one appetizer get one free. I think letting customers have free additional items will keep them coming back. Fourth, I will focus on having excellent credibility. I will do this by only working with the freshest produce and organic meats. All items will be prepared on site and no old produce or food will be used. I never want to see wilted lettuce or have a bad burger sent out to the customers. Last I will definitely focus on A-plus value with memorable experiences. I am going to do this by having local musicians play on weekends, poetry readings on Tuesdays, Monday kid’s night with balloon animals, and other various community activities. I want customers to come to my restaurant, have a delicious meal, and relax and listen to some tunes. I want this to be a comfortable, friendly, fresh restaurant.

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