Saturday, April 7, 2012

Halter Top Turned Dress

This halter top I made for my Draping class. I draped it to fit my size 6 dress form. I loved how it turned

out, very Marilyn Monroe, don't you agree? The halter top is fully lined

with a gathered umpire waist.

After completing this assignment I really wanted to make myself this halter top but extend the length and turn it into a dress, that would be perfect for summer. I had to re-drape the top halter part of the pattern for my size and make some minor adjustments in the darts and seams, but overall it was fairly easy to convert to my body shape and size. Here is my dress in the works, it is almost done, I just need to hem it and do some finishing touches on the inside.

Here is the completed dress, just in time for spring! The main fabric is a sheer floral print chiffon with a mint green cotton lining.
Front View

Back View

Close up of the front view

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