Sunday, April 22, 2012

Up-cycled Bottles into Glass Vases

 Today I made some bottle gardens with the help of my hubby. We took old bottles and cut them using string and rubbing alcohol. Here is the link for instructions on that part of the project; Cutting Glass. I used two different sizes of bottles to make self-watering gardens. We picked a wider bottle for the bottom of the garden that will be filled with water, and a smaller bottle for the top that I planted the plants in.

The top bottle is filled with a screen that has a string running through it to keep the dirt moisturized, then there is a bit of moss, topped with some dirt, the plant, and a little more dirt and moss. I had an extra glass that I filled with water, which is the perfect size to start a new spider plant. Here is the link on making the bottle gardens: Bottle Gardens.

This one has a clear bottle for the bottom half. You can see the jute string in the water that will keep the dirt wet. This was a fun craft on this nice spring Saturday. Can't wait for more summer weather and more projects!

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