Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quilted Headboard

Hey check out this head board I finally finished. I know some of you guys already saw this sitting around my house going from room to room during the last couple months (let's be honest, it was really the last year), but I finally finished it. Actually one night my hubby was so sick of it in his man cave that he finished sewing the edges   together, stapled it on a board covered with foam and now here it is, hung on the wall. I loved how it turned out! Sad thing is I made it to match the bedding and now it's about time to get some new bedding, so I will be on the hunt for affordable new bedding, or I might really be daring and make a duvet cover by fall. I have seen some super cute ideas on pinterest.

Yes it really is the same headboard, but the 'auto' flash came on for one pic and not the other. Making it appear  like totally different headboards. For any of you crafty gals or guys who want to make something like this it was ubber easy and the instructions are below.

  • First figure out how big you want your headboard. I took a super large piece of cardboard and hung it on the wall, cut a little off here and there, until it looked like the perfect size. 
  • Then do some math and figure out how big each square needs to be to result in the finished headboard size. For example if you want a 3' X 5' headboard you would make each square 12" X 12", but life is never that easy and it always turns out to be bit different. I think mine is a 15.75" square.  Don't forget to add seam allowances.
  • For the fun part find fabric you love to go on your headboard!
  • Cut out your squares
  • Sew them together, make sure to match up the seams as best you can.
  • Take your remaining fabric scraps to make the border. The border fabric has to be wider than you would think, it has to fit over a particle board & foam. You might want to buy your foam now then figure out how wide. The foam I have is about 4" thick.
  •  Buy a covered button kit at your local hobby store and cover buttons with some of your fav fabric. The kit should come with instructions. It is pretty easy but does use some muscle if you have a thicker fabric. 
  • Lay your quilted squares on top of the foam 
  • Time to add the covered buttons to the corners. Take an extra long needle and thread with a heavy duty thread, I used yarn. Poke your needle up through the foam and through a corner, add your button, then poke back down through the foam and tie it off. Try to pull each button the same to result in a uniform look. 
  • Cut out your particle board to the exact size you want your headboard
  • Lay your quilted squares with buttons on top of the particle board.
  • Flip it over and start stapling the fabric to the back of the board. Try to be as precise as possible to keep your square lines even with the front. Be careful when you come to the corners and try to create a flat folded corner edge. Might have to trim some bulk out of the corners.
  • Finally fasten it to the wall. If you can find studs to attach it to that is best and your local hardware store will sell the hardware to use. Good luck and happy sewing!
I can picture this in a little girls room with coordinating floral fabric. Would be so cute in a boys room with a different car on each square, or a different train car on each square going down the middle. Ideas are endless, and this really didn't cost very much other than time. I love it because if I fall in love with new bedding that doesn't match I can make a new one or if I decide to redecorate my room it isn't something that is permanent. Also it is really sturdy unlike the individual wood squares wrapped in fabric and hung on the wall. 

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