Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion Illustration: Library Inspired

Started another semester of Fashion Illustration and hopefully my art will get 1,000 times better. This piece is inspired by the Salt Lake City Public Library. If you have never been there it is a beautiful building in the heart of downtown SLC. It is all glass with glass elevators and glass stairs, little shops on the main floor and books upon books upon books. The people that visit the library are very diverse, there are business men in suits and ties that stop by during lunch break, young kids on a school field trip, many moms with little ones in arms or strollers, college students studying or killing time between classes, and many homeless men finding a bit of tranquility in their unsettling world. The inspiration from the library was vast and many designs came to mind, but I chose to focus on the every day ready-to-wear style. These outfits would be for a younger woman from 20's-40's. This would be an outfit you would put on for a casual day out shopping & returning library books, you could wear this spring and into summer.

This is my finished sketches before any color added

Final Illustration.

I am really impressed with myself, I honestly have not drawn much for about 1 1/2, since my last fashion illustration course. I took the last year and was a sewing mad lady trying to master the sewing machine. I finally have a few months where I can leisurely sew and focus on my art.

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