Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lace Sleeve Dress

I have been diggin the lace clothing trend and really wanted to make myself something for summer that had some lace.

My favorite magazine to take ideas from is Nylon Mag and I saw this lace dress on the cover... I love the simple solid color dress with the lace sleeves. I just had to have one for myself. To buy this $1488.00 dress check out Neiman Marcus Here.

Here is my version of the dress,

Front Side; 
Raglan apricot lace sleeves & green short dress
(Sorry 'bout the creepy eyes it was either black eyes or red eyes)

Back Side;
Invisible zipper back, would be so cute with leggings for work wear!

Can't get enough of the lace sleeves :)

What do you think about the blonde??
I just threw on this fun wig to take some pics, cuz I didn't want to do my hair, but I am kinda lovin the golden-haired locks.  Should I make it permanent?

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